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Secu4-TomTom Link 300
Trackstick Mini

Trackstick Mini
Welcome to Tracking Solutions Specialists- GPS Tracking Solutions - TomTom Link 300 Fleet Tracking, Road Angel Trac-it, Mini Trackstic - My-ilocator - Tracker for use with smartphones. Secu4 - Luggage Alarms and much more

The Very Latest Tracking Solutions, if you're looking for either a 'Data Logger' or a 'Real Time' GPRS/GPS Tracking solution using mobile phone technology then we have the solution for you. The new to the range is the Trackstick Mini and the Tramigo T22 GRPS Tracker as well as the Fleet Tracking Systems from TomTom Link 300. We are also pleased to have the all new My-ilocator tracking device that works will all smartphones such as apple iphone, windows mobile android phones. Spot 2, Spot Messenger. New to the Range is Road Angel's BikeTrac, a dedicated tracking systems for all motorbikes large or small. We also have a new product from Secu4, which is a Luggage Alarm which works with you mobile phone, SECU4Bags is a personal alarm system protecting your valuables, like laptop bags, luggage and bags against theft and loss.

Trackstick Mini Super Trackstick
Trackstick Pro
Tramigo T22

Other GPS/ GPRS Tracking Products - My-ilocator, My-Track, Spot 2

Snooper SPT 200 Tracker Snooper Pet Tracker Spot 2 Messenger my-ilocator - tracker for use with smartphones

my-ilocator -

Smartphone Tracking And Security - My i-Locator (SM500/MYSM500)

My i Locator is the very latest smartphone Tracking and security Tracking system for Apple Iphone or Android and windows Systems.

Locate and track where the person/vehicle is by Google Map on your iphone, Android and windows smartphones, from anywhere in the world. Some of the features are as follows:

Receive SOS/moving/low battery/geo-fence/over speed alerts, car find, take picture/check picture, parking timer countdown and warning, black box (driver recording). No tracking server service fee and no wire installation.

Order online today £199.99 inc Vat - Limited offer save £49.95

SECU4Bags is a personal alarm system protecting your valuables, like laptop bags, luggage and bags against theft and loss.

SECU4Bags is a personal alarm system protecting your valuables, like laptop bags, luggage and bags against theft and loss.

SECU4Bags is a personal alarm system protecting your valuables, like laptop bags, luggage and bags against theft and loss.

SECU4Bags operates via mobile phones using the Bluetooth connection. It consists of credit card size device which can be inserted in an object you want to protect and of an application to download on the mobile phone. Thus, as soon as the object is removed from 5 to 30 metres from its owner the mobile phone rings or vibrates and displays a warning message on the screen. Then after a few seconds an alarm of about 100 decibels engages on the valuable to protect it and make the thief flee.

Road Angel BikeTrac - Motorbike Tracking Solution

RoadAngel Biketrac

New GPS/GPRS based motorcycle tracking device, with web-based owner interface, Discrete tracking device for Bikes
• Alerts for unauthorised use sent to your
mobile phone or email
• Monitor your Bike 24/7 online

Bike Trac is an on-board motion detection device that monitors any unusual movement of your bike and, under the right circumstances, will wake up an on-board GPS receiver to check the current location. If your bike moves and you're not on it an SMS text message and / or an email is sent to you. The messages will display the current GPS location of your bike so you can act quickly to recover your pride and joy. It also provides a journey tracking feature allowing you to view detailed information about your 'rides'.

Order online today £289.99 inc Vat & Delivery


SPOT 2 THE WORLD'S FIRST SATELLITE MESSENGER /TRACKER, your best friend while traveling!

The SPOT 2 Satellite GPS Messenger provides a vital line of communication with friends and family when you want it, and emergency assistance when you need it. Using 100% satellite technology, SPOT works virtually anywhere in the world, even where cell phones don’t – all with the push of a button.
• 30% Smaller | 30% Lighter | Enhanced Performance
only £159.99 - Buy Online

Trackstick Mini - The smallest Trackstick in its class - Rechargeable, with a 360° signal.

Trackstick mini
Trackstick Mini, it’s the smallest GPS tracker in its class and has a new and improved GPS receiver with up to seven times more sensitivity than any other Trackstick model.

The next generation of GPS tracking has arrived! The trackstick MINI is the smallest, most advanced GPS tracker in its class. At a discreet 31⁄2" x 11⁄2" x 3/8", there's no reason to travel without it! A 360° antenna enables expanded possiblilities in both personal and covert GPS tracking. No more changing batteries means much more efficiency. The trackstick MINI has a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that retains life from your computer every time you plug it in to download the Google™ Earth powered tracking histories. Give it a try and head over to our store, or to learn more about the expanded features and technology. Buy Online

If you are unsure which product to buy please call 01159 599 995 for expert help & advice on the Trackstick product range

Trackstick-gps - GPS Systems and Data Tracking Systems - Specialist supplier of the very latest Tracking Devices on the market today.

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Trackstick Mini super Trackstick Trackstick Pro Tramigo T22